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Sale and acquisition

Although we have acted in both respects we are most experienced with business sales/disposals and have guided several business owners through the sales process.

Our work usually focuses on getting the business ready for sale through assessing the structure and advising what needs to happen to make a sale viable and what must be addressed to maximise potential value and interest.

We engage in initial fact finding and due diligence (including finding and validating potential buyers) both before and after executing an NDA, outline deal structure, valuation and moving to Heads of Agreement.   

We are usually then retained to help translate the process and liaise with the various parties in a manner that a business owners trust and find ‘user friendly’.

Our clients usually look to us to guide them through the process of identifying and appointing corporate finance advisers (Accounting and legal).

For clarity we are not corporate finance advisers and do not ‘transact’ any sale/acquisition.

Our services in this respect start with an initial up front fee of £2,290 with a small monthly retainer.

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