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Many website owners have a website built and then years later, wonder why the site no longer brings in traffic. Digital moves at a fast pace and it pays to keep up. As Google issues further updates, your site has to be fully optimised to keep ahead of competitors.

Website audit

We carry out website audits which are not based purely on the utilisation of automated tools. Areas we look at:

  • Website performance
  • Content
  • Site structure
  • User experience (UX)
  • Meta data and landing pages
  • Stats and traffic

It's crucial to understand what is going on 'under the bonnet' and ensure your site is running at optimum performance as well as assessing the online experience of your audience. Is your site appealing to your customer profile? How easy is it for them to find you? Are you converting from website to phone call?

We provide website audits (depending on website size) from £450.

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