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Raising finance

Lending and other debt products

Having the right amount and type of finance available to your business is often game changing but the reality is that most businesses have neither, something we wrote about in our Money, money, money article.

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The range of different financing options available to small and medium sized businesses is more extensive than it has ever been. 

Many options that used to be regarded as too complex or even sophisticated for owner managed businesses are now available, greatly increasing the range of lending products that can be accessed.

Term loans and overdrafts are not a thing of the past but they are most certainly not the only options in today's market.


  • Specialise in raising finance of up to £350,000;
  • Typically have a decision for you within 24 hours;
  • Never speak to one provider - we approach multiple providers simultaneously to maximise your chances and minimise your costs.

Types of finance we can arrange include:

  • Trade Finance
  • Invoice Finance
  • Purchase Order Finance
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Working Capital
  • Asset Finance
  • Property Finance
  • Term loan and Overdraft
  • Peer to Peer
  • VAT Funding

Both long term and short term options are available.

Some types of funding can be obtained in a very straight forward manner, for others it may be necessary to prepare a business plan or financial forecast.  We would normally recommend that a business starts with a financial review before attempting to raise finance.

Our fees are only payable on successful offer and are typically: 1.85% up to £15,000, 1.35% up to £75,000, 0.87% up to £150,000 and 0.65% up to £350,000.

Please note that our fee is in addition to any lender fees that may be levied. 

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