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Business help for small businesses based in Kent

Small businesses in Kent are a vital part of the regional economy employing well over 80% of the counties workforce and contributing millions in income and wealth each year.

Although the success rate of small businesses in Kent is slightly better than the UK national average, finding the right help and assistance at the right time is crucial in ensuring that they both survive and thrive.

As a firm of South East business consultants we specialise in providing advice to small businesses in Kent in a number of ways, generally delivered through a mix of business coaching and consultancy. 


  • We are one of the only qualified and regulated small business advisors in Kent;  
  • We specialise in offering help for small businesses in Kent;
  • We have a proven track record;
  • You don’t need to take our word for it!

Broadly we work with three types of small business:

  • Those either enjoying significant growth or looking to grow significantly over the next 24 - 36 months;
  • Owners that are looking to sell or pass on their business;
  • Businesses experiencing financial challenges or financial stress.

We can help small businesses in Kent in a number of ways and our services focus on accounting and financial support, sales improvement, business growth & development and digital support.

Remember... we specialise in helping small businesses in Kent, we don't work with larger companies or corporate clients. 

We are professionally qualified, regulated and insured to make sure that you can be completely confident and assured when you ask us to help you and your business.  We are also the only management consultants Kent that are recognised by Xero as a Partner firm.

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Help for small businesses Kent

Kent and Medway is not a unique area in terms of it's economics although it does have several economically challenged areas.  

It also throws up some oddities due to it's proximity to London, the high speed link and the fact that half of it is surrounded by water... not a great recruitment source!

Although we work with business owners across the South East around 85% of our clients are here in Kent.  We understand that the geographic and social opportunities, issues and challenges change across the county and know that businesses within 20 minutes of London face materially different challenges to those that are more than two hours away. 

We are actively involved with the counties economic planning and development leaders.

South East Local Enterprise Partnership - Kent

Kent is part of the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) which is responsible for identifying and supporting the strategic growth priorities for Kent by encouraging business investment and promoting economic development. 

It is a partnership between Kent based businesses, government and education and aims to help deliver economic growth

Kent and Medway Economic Partnership

The Kent and Medway Economic Partnership is one of four organisations that makes up the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

Established in 2013 it aims to drive economic growth and prosperity across Kent and is governed by a Board drawn from both private and public sector known as the Business Advisory Board (BAB).

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