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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs are not the same as targets

Many businesses get this area confused (not just in terms of sales but other key areas of the business), mixing targets and KPIs.

This is why it was the first topic we covered in our Business Balls Ups series.

Targets and KPIs must be treated separately.

KPI’s are the measure of the activities that get a business to its target - if you focus on and measure the KPIs then the targets will be achieved - provided both are appropriate and reasonable.

With years of experience in building KPIs within top rated sales organisations we work with owner managed businesses to ensure their KPIs are not only correctly calculated but:

  • Achievable - given the abilities of the team and resources available 
  • Appropriate - in light of the wider targets and business objectives 
  • Acceptable - to and accepted by the people who have to deliver them

We will help you put in place a manageable review and measurement process to ensure KPIs are properly monitored on a regular basis and can also assist with training and coaching team members who may be unnerved by the concept of KPIs.

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