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When bank finance is not an option, business angels and equity investment can be the answer, especially for businesses that are growing rapidly or experiencing financial challenges.

Business Angels are an invaluable addition to any business offering a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, not to mention transforming the finances and value of any business from day one, something that we wrote about in our blog, How do I value my business for a Business Angel?

We have been working with the regions Business Angels equity Investors for more than 14 years and raising equity finance for more than 20.  We understand what they are looking for in any funding approach and help clients get their proposition right first time.

Securing equity investment is not the same as securing lending or debt but it is also not as difficult as many believe provided it is done correctly. 

We put businesses through IDC/IE system of securing equity finance:

  • IDC: Investor Development Criteria
  • IE: Investor Examination - which should translate to ‘It’s Easy’ following the IDC.

We help you:

  • Complete your business proposal (including valuation);
  • Get investor ready;
  • Ensure you are investment ready;
  • Approach regional Business Angels;
  • Perfect your pitch;
  • Secure finance.

Obtaining money from Business angels and equity investment usually requires you to prepare a business plan and financial forecasts both of which we can help with; although challenging, Business Angels and equity investment usually transformation businesses. 

Depending on how advanced/suitable your proposal is and how much you are looking to raise we typically charge an upfront fee of between £650 and £1,850 followed by a small percentage of the funds raised.

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