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Xero Bronze Partner

NBS - first management consultancy in Kent to be awarded Xero Partner status

Our small business clients always comment that NBS Advisory works on the numbers rather than with them; that we are focused on improving financial performance, not simply reporting it.

We don't offer accounting and bookkeeping services as such, but much of our work does involve us being close to our clients financial's - not only to help improve performance but also as a measure of success.

Real time, up to date accounting and financial information makes a huge difference to our clients and the impact that we can have helping small businesses. Our preferred accounting platform has always been Xero.

Almost all Xero Partners are accountants and/or bookkeepers. There are very few management consultants who are recognised for their expertise and understanding of the software. This is worrying considering it is the most popular accounting software used by UK owner managed businesses. 

We can boast that we are the only management consultancy in the Kent area that holds Xero Partner Status.  

Commitment to quality

Similar to our approach to being professionally qualified, regulated and insured we think it is vital that our clients know that we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and scrutiny when it comes to the software we use.

As with accountants, there is no requirement in the UK for someone that calls themselves a management consultant to actually hold any relevant qualification. This is not an approach that we expect our clients to tolerate.

As the only management consultants in Kent recognised for our knowledge of Xero, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to quality.

Need help and advice?

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